Monday, April 13, 2015

Powerful Beyond Measure


Frances came to me asking for help. 

She was sad, afraid, and on the verge of depression. Frances's younger brother and his three children were estranged from the family, causing much pain and heart-aches. For the first time, Frances felt powerless. Vincent and the children had not been seen for over fifteen months when Frances came to me. 
Phone calls and mails remained unanswered.
"Could you help me find my brother?"
"Could you help me reconnect with my brother? It has been over fifteen months since we last saw him."
Frances' level of sadness and deep melancholy prompted me to teach and train her in the art of heightened intuition or psychic phenomena. 
My goals were that 
1] Frances replenishes herself of her inner power
2] Frances masters her emotions
3] Frances increases her ability to intuit into the energies around her and shifts circumstances to create success.

The very first session of "Initiation to Enhanced Intuition" took place on January 29, 2015.

The purpose of the session was to teach Frances to use meditation to quiet the mind and come to a place of stillness within where information, messages and inspiration flow from higher realms of frequencies AND into Frances' awareness.

Her deceased father's energies flew and floated in the room delivering the following message:
something important will take place on March 21, 2015 that will change the family life."

For the next three sessions, seven days apart, the same message came into my awareness as I was teaching Frances the art of intuitive intentions and psychic mastery

The message came in as a command to deliver three (3) times. No other information was given.
I asked Frances "Is March 21st a significant date for you besides the fact it is the first day of Spring?"
Frances answered that March 21st is new year's day in her religion.

As we continued the sessions and delved deeper and deeper into psychic phenomena, Frances' sadness and melancholy started to dissipate. Within the first ten days, Frances experienced a drastic change in her professional relationships, seeing breakthrough taking place in the organization's department she was managing. Better rapport, improved communication and above all an atmosphere of happiness and camaraderie started to form. Even the most difficult associate opened up, became more considerate and friendly.

Frances realized how practicing the skills I trained her in helped her create more successes in her department.

Finally, March 21st arrived and on Sunday, March 22, I received a phone call from Frances. "I must tell you what happened last night. I am so happy, mother is so happy too. I thank you so much. We met my brother and the children. How was the chance that they would be seated a few rows in front of us at this huge music concert my mother and I went to! I purchased the tickets for mother and I almost two months ago. When we sat and waited for the concert to start, my brother and nephews walked and sat a few rows in front of us. Mother and I were so happy! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Frances discovered she is powerful beyond measure. And you are too! 
Do not underestimate your ability to create your future!


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