Monday, April 6, 2015

From Fear to Freedom

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "freedom" as "the quality or state of being free as . a: the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action . b: liberation from... ." Many of us have the privilege to live in a free country where we can express our views without fearing being arrested because our views differ from the state imposed view. We may hold a different religious belief yet practicing and living out our religious belief in the open may put us in a precarious and even life threatening situation

Yet, even in a country where freedom of speech is practiced, many of us-if not most of us- live in bondage and imprisoned in a particular way of thinking, belief systems or decisions that limits us from being really free to do what our heart calls us to do and be what we want or are meant to be.

FEAR  is a state of mind that prevents us from doing what our heart calls us to do. Fear is a reality in our mind. It is a clear, vivid product of our imagination that holds such amazing power on us that it locks us where we are, unable to move forward with our dream, desire or goal. Many of us sees through our imagination what fear of a particular situation looks like. Some of us can even hear what it sounds like. And, some of us can feel strongly what fear looks and sounds like.

It is the emotional state, the physical manifestation on a particular area of our body that reinforces the state of fear created in our mind. And with the repeated imagined state of fear associated with the physical experience, what it is we may fear, actually comes to pass and verifies or validates the fear itself.

But how do you move FROM FEAR TO FREEDOM?

The shortest and most rapid way to move away from fear and move toward freedom is to shift your state of mind into the opposite situation which you fear. And instead, focus on what it is you want to achieve and experience.

Just as you use your imagination to create an outcome filled with the emotion of fear, you can create a mental image filled with the emotion of happiness which you attach to the mental creation of the desired outcome. And see yourself fully in it.

The key is to create as much details as possible in your imagined scenario of success and therefore happiness. Imagine the successful scenario you desire to achieve with you in the scenario and all those who are meant to be in the scenario with you. Create and hear sounds attached to the successful scenario and feel the sensations in your body of the detailed image of your success. Be as detailed as possible in your creative act of imagination.

With every step of your creative imagination take a deep breath in through your nostrils. As you breathe out slowly hold the imagined scenario of your success.

Repeat the scenario for three minutes, then five minutes, then nine minutes. Breathe in deeply as you create the successful image and breathe out seeing yourself fully successful in the created scenario.

Hold the sensation of success in your body and expand the sensation as you intensify the image and the sound.

When you are totally satisfied with the new sensation of success and happiness, you may stop knowing that you have achieved freedom from an imagined unnecessary and self-destructive fear.

Now you are not only free from fear but you also raised your probability of success and happiness.

NLP/Time Line Therapy is an excellent technique which uses the power of hypnotherapy and reprogramming of the language of the mind to help you delete emotions attached to experiences highly charged with negative emotions. It also empowers you to set new belief systems that work for your success and happiness.

I highly recommend Dr. Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall's book "Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality."

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 Reference: James, T., Woodsmall, W. (1988). Time Line Therapy And the Basis of Personality. Capitola, CA: Meta Publications

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