Friday, February 27, 2015


Fear, sadness, anger... . 
Dive deep,  breathe in gently, breathe out smoothly. Embrace your emotions and slowly and gently move your consciousness toward the movement of your breath in and out of your body temple. Feel the depths and vastness of the agony and move away slowly and graciously. Breathe in and embrace healing into every fiber of the agony encaged in the cocoon of your body.

See your body temple become the vessel or the cocoon for the caterpillar of your sensations and emotions. See it and feel it move slowly and break free from your cocoon body as it finds its way out and into the vast space outside of your cocoon body temple.

With every wave of your breath in and out of your body vessel, release, let go, free the agony of its own imprisonment in your body temple. 

Nature is coach. Nature is guide. Nature is mentor. Through the incessant ebb and flow of nature's transformation we learn to become the cocoon that allows the caterpillar of our own human emotions to transform itself into the beautiful butterfly. 

We serve as cocoon, caterpillar, butterfly. But, we are neither cocoon, caterpillar nor butterfly. 
We are transient.
We are here to transcend. 
We are here to transmute agony into ecstasy. 
And when we do, we find ourselves in our center, in our Light, in our true home... again, and again.
And neither caterpillar of emotions, cocoon of the temporary body and fleeting butterfly matter. it is the infinite and vast energy in all these that really matters.
At the center of it all is the power to transition through and transcend agony and ecstasy... to simply be... fully be.

Embrace and engage into the metamorphosis from agony to ecstasy and discover the endless beauty of  your personal empowerment, the meaning of life as spiritual reality.

when you transcend the limitations of your present conditions, make new decisions, take new actions, you discover a level of satisfaction beyond your wildest imagination.